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Church Planting in Doral, Florida

"Let the land burst forth..." Gen 1:11 

I looked around for a picture that would adequately depict the concept of church planting in Doral, Florida. Found this.
Yours Truly

Ready, Fire, Aim

Well, here we are two months, almost to the day, from Church Plant LAUNCH DAY. When I think about how much remains to be done it is fairly overwhelming – mildly put. Sometimes, this church plant business seems so extremely risky…but then…Cathy and I have been taking these sorts of risks for quite a while now. The list is long….dropped out of UCLA to be part of a church plant team in 1978 (I was pre-med)….moved from comfy Pasadena to Caracas, Venezuela in 1986 (with two toddlers in tow! We survived two coup attempts)….left cushy sales job (taking 50% pay cut) in 1999 to come on staff at the Miami Vineyard…and now…the latest adventure…church planting in Miami. What a ride!

The ride gets a bit scarier…as I reflect on the reality that I am now a bona fide “ELF”….yes…an E.L.F. That’s my newly coined generational designation for a forty going on fifty year old in utter denial. ELF stands for Extremely Late Forties. I know, sheer desperation right? Think of a guy hugging a palm tree …