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My First Marathon

Note to readers: the following actually happened...hard to believe...I did it just 3 short years ago. The photo on the right is offered as proof! The woman to my left is Irene Ortiz - she will attest to my actually having crossed the finish line 5 hours and 17 minutes after the starting gun.

Anyway, here is the saga of one man's folly....


February 2, 2003

by Rafael Gomez

On the night before to the marathon, I tried to get to bed early, but found it very hard to fall asleep. However, after asking my wife to change the channel to the incredibly sleepy Turner Movie Classics channel - I quickly dozed off. (For those of you who struggle with insomnia – I highly recommend this tactic, find a boring movie and fall asleep watching it – Turner works like a charm so does the Family Network and other similarly sedate channels.)

(photo on the left is me "bright eyed and bushy tailed" - 3:45 AM - February 2, 2003 - "Day Of")

Anyway, all told, I m…